We have all sorts of available merchandise, here we have listed some of the most popular items but this is not by any means a list of items you have to buy!  We do not insist on you spending hundreds of pounds on equipment like other clubs, you will need as a minimum T-Shirt + Trousers or a suit and a license and membership booklet with the CMAA.  But dont purchase these straight away, make sure its for you and that your enjoying it first if you could purchase these items within the first three months that would be great. 

  • Martial Sports T-Shirt's available in childrens and adults sizes, black with either a red or yellow print on the front and back £6.50
  • CMAA (Cobra Martial Arts Association) membership, license and member to member insurance booklet £12.00 per year
  • Karate Suit, white or back (plain) Children from £12.50 Adults from £14.50
  • Kickboxing Trousers from £12.00
  • Semi Contact trousers (cotton) from £12.00
  • Kata DVD - beginner to back belt including the first 9 Wado Ryu Karate Kata's £10.00
  • PU Boxing Gloves (6oz for kids and 10oz for adults) £10.00
  • Leather Boxing Gloves from £15.00 
  • CMAA Sew on round badge for your suit £4.00
  • Karate or Kickboxing Sylabus booklet £5.00
  • Personalised Hooded Sweatshirt £15.00

All of these items can be obtained from your Instructor who will help you work out sizes needed and offer you choices of colours and styles if appropriate.